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CREATE YOUR STYLE … Summer 2018 is dominated by Denim and M.O.D is heading back to its roots.

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Summer 2018 is dominated by Denim and M.O.D is heading back to its roots. At the start of the saison the focus is on blue denim accompanied by washed out colors  and prints which blend into a harmonious entity.

Specific attention was paid to the dyeing processes, which lend a soft grip to the apparel to turn it into your favorite piece. For the second spring delivery date soft pastells join indigo. Innovative garnment developments, yarn dyed surface structures, stripe optics, sporty accessories and new cutting features are very important and invigorate the collection.

The themes will be transferred into the summer delivery date and provide a smooth transition into the coming world of T-shirts, blouses, dresses and shorts.

Both of the spring delivery dates are following their own color concept, so that all colors complement each other and harmonise within the saisons.

The delivery date as well as the color concept for the segment „New Basic“ are chosen to match all items of both spring dates.

For the first time there will be a pre-progamme for delivery in December.


The ladies… 
The sporty feminine orientation of the vintage theme „Vintage Casual“ is shown in the first delivery date with vintage dyings meeting padded or structured surfaces. Opulent, fashionable themes like flowers will be implemented among others in decent tone-in-tone stitchings. Each garment will become an extraordinary but easy to wear item, an ideal combination to all denims.

Tops in tencel strengthen the denim compentence in the tops segment with the theme „Denim&Co“ and complement perfectly the Miracle of Denim.

The athleisure trend finds a commercial interpretation in the „New Basic“ theme, which can be ordered freely divided for delivery date 1 and 2 as well. Prints become more technical and the color is reduced on black/white and some powder. Easy to wear parts perfectly match with joggpants with side stripes.

„Vintage Feminin“ is the theme of the second delivery date with pastel tones. Fine lurex yarns are the central thread of the group, giving each item a sophisticated character. Refined cuts and high-quality fabrics flatter the femine silhouette and make  each item a favourite piece.


The men… The themes „Denim&Co“ as well as „Vintage Sport“ determine the first delivery date. A harmonic and fresh color range is set in centre stage besides the indigo blue.

The casual look of „Denim&Co“ is complemented with innovative structure fabrics of the „Vintage Sport“ segment. Motif prints and newly developed allover prints are in use. The „Vintage Sport“ is celebrated in the second delivery date. More daring, fashionable cuts paired with unique washings ensure an additional boost into the summer arousing the desire to try out something new.

All segments can be approbiated supplemented by the group „New Basics“.



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