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DUALITY - NATIVE SPIRIT... The ladies themes are inspired by the Native Spirit. The men meet Duality. Fine and rough, light and dark, “live the life” – “define the difference” …

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The collection for F/W 2017 is separated in two fall and one winter theme. All themes have their own delivery period. 
The ladies themes are inspired by the Native Spirit. Natural qualities like cotton and viscose with special soften finishings ensure a feel-good effect.
The men meet Duality. Fine and rough, light and dark, “live the life” – “define the difference” …
Jerseys, sweats, knit ware, shirts, blouses and denim jackets will be found in the collection for both, men and women.

> Men meet duality <

Duality is finding its expression in colors, color mixes and washings. Contrasts are shown in various prints. Blue tones exude calmness and tranquility and are ideal to combine. In combination with destroy effects and loud denim washings they have a particular expressiveness.
A deep wine-red signals energy, dynamic and completes the color range for the upcoming fall. The use of pigment garment dye and acid wash processes fills in the calm colors with additional life as well.
Well-being with M.O.D will be reached with natural qualities - wool, cotton and cotton stretch are responsible for that.

> Women feel the native spirit <
Printing motives like leafs and plant subjects are underlining the closeness to nature in the styles. Life and friendship are expressed in allover prints and different artworks. In contrast to that effect yarns like lurex but as well contrast colors and materials which are playing with the natural elements keep the tension up.
Tops for every day which are finished in pigment garment dye or acid wash technique ensure special vivid effects. The colors earth, earth red, cappuccino, cream and ash grey generate a feeling of warmth, well-being and comfort.
Native prints and other prints are giving the bestseller style a new orientation. Spiritual themes on longsleeves and pullovers in different materials are perfect combination parts to extraordinary and fancy washed jeans or pants in wool optics.
Color tones in ice and aqua are contrary to the feel-good colors. China blue, aqua, white navy and light grey are showing a coolness which harmonizes with soft colors.
Color matching leather jackets for men and women underscore the individuality of the M.O.D Collection AU 17.

Monopol Textilhandels GmbH has enormous increased its NOS stock program for their retailers. Meanwhile the warehouse program for pants covers around 50 items, which also seasonally change. A wide range of fits, from x-slim pants for men made from Dual Core Denim to coated ladies pants in super stretch material are offered by M.O.D.
An extension of the product availability at the M.O.D B2B store is planned also.


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