Jerseys, sweats, knits, shirts as well as denim jackets are in duality with expression of colors, fabric mixes, prints and washings. Blue tones are combined with destroy effects and heavy denim washings, a deep wine-red is setting an additional touch of color. The use of pigment garment dye and acid wash processes meet the spirit of the time. Natural qualities like wool, cotton and cotton stretch materials are in the focus as well.

Printing motives like leafs and plants underline the closeness to nature in the styles. Life and friendship are expressed in allover prints and different artworks. Fancy tops with lurex effect yarns, pigment garment dye or acid wash characterise the collection. The color palette ranges from red across cappuccion and cream to ash grey, ice and aqua tones are in cool contrast to that.

Jeans show up in different washings with or without destroy, new trendy pants round up the programme.

Leather jackets for men and women are completing the repertoire.

Women Men

Pants / Skirts Tops Jackets

T-Shirt Men

Item no.: SP18-TS816
Color: White | Marine | Dusty Grey (10 | 12 | 514 )
Color no. 10 | 12 | 514
Material: 100 % Baumwolle
Size range

Longsleeve Men

Item no.: SP18-LO757
Color: Light Grey | Dark Grey (135 | 146 )
Color no. 135 | 146
Material: 65 % Baumwolle, 35 % Polyester
Size range

Sweatshirt Men

Item no.: SP18-SW741
Color: Dusty Blue/Marine Stripe (2252 )
Color no. 2252
Material: 65 % Baumwolle, 35 % Polyester
Size range

Sweatshirt Men

Item no.: SP18-SW745
Color: Light Grey Melange ( 718 )
Color no. 718
Material: 50 % Polyester, 30 % Viskose, 20 % Baumwolle
Size range
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